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Deputy-Office , Flight Operation : Flight Operation Unit , one of the main elements of Co. is responsible for guidance of aviation fleet of Co. Along with supervision of all the missions assigned including performance of ordinary , extraordinary , emergent flights , this Deputy-Office is responsible for promotion of specialized knowledge of flight cadre. By passing the education courses , the whole operation personnel will enjoy capabilities necessary for presentation of specialized services.

• Flight simulator for the pilots and copilots.
• Management and discipline in flight Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)
• Human Factors (HF)
• Computer Base Training (CBT) for the airplanes available and direct supervision on its qualitative procedure.
• Re-educate courses for hosts specially in flight safety fields and practices of emergent conditions are held once a year and include re-training of first aids and unordinary cases expected in each flight.

The most Important Activities at Deputy-Office , Flight Operations :

- This Deputy-Office , having totally 3542 flights , equal to 4845 : 10 hours , was successful to displace 130091 passengers and 1128818 kg load in 2008.
- Recruitment and education of 4 copilots for Fokker 50 including promotion of 5 persons from Twin Otter to Fokker 50 and recruitment of 5 pilots ( including 3 teachers , 2 pilots ) on Fokker 100.
- Promotion of 5 pilots , 5 copilots , 27 hosts on Fokker 100.
- Education continuous programming by use of CBT education system and evaluation by Operation Education Unit and Training Flights such as Root check , Line Check , preparation and reproduction of education packages , new requirements of ICAO Org. for evaluation of foreign language competence of pilots and compilation of programs and time schedule for the aforesaid talent.
- Programming for on time dispatch of pilots to Holland to fulfill education course of simulator according to the requirements suggested by Civil Aviation Org. and dispatch of pilots for six month physical checks and dispatch of hosts and dispatchers for performance of the check.
- Programming and convening CRM-HF education classes for the pilots , hosts , dispatchers.
- Taking action for admission and selection of pilots and qualified hosts , recruitment and education of 10 new hosts , training and recruitment of 3 dispatchers.
- Taking action for compliance with international standards IOSA and prediction necessary for preparation of books , journals , deeds related for completion.
- Convening the course of Fokker 100 Pilots Training at south by capacity of 2 pilots and 3 copilots.
- Convening of safety classes for updating the information and skills of fly crew and also holding re-training classes for hosts , dispatchers , re-training classes of operation regulations of Co. for flight crew.
- Performance of the first safety class for the flight crew in order to make familiar with special situations of hijacks for coordination of cabin and cockpit crew.


Engineering and Repairs Dept. of Co. , holding maintenance certificate obtained by Civil Aviation Org. , takes all actions on the mechanical parts ( engine , propeller , auxiliary motors , power supply , air conditioner , landing wagons , wing levels , body ) and the other electronic , electrical parts and communication systems ( telecommunication ) together with performance of periodical inspections before overhaul by observation of safety instructions in the field of engineering , repairs based on technical books up to ranks authorized equipped nest at repair center of Co. ( Ahwaz ) including mechanics workshop , repairs of wing and body , painting , electronics , electric , recruitment of specialized educated cadre at different job ranks such as senior exports of repair and maintenance , flight engineers , technicians , mechanics , assistants of mechanics .
Aforesaid actions are taken on the airplanes possessed such as Twin Otter , Fokker 50 , Fokker 100 , by observation of safety instructions. It is worth-mentioning that by enjoying the aforesaid capabilities , the specialized equipments purchased , use of knowledge and experience of all the personnel affiliated at five sectors related ( repair and maintenance of airplane , quality guarantee , engineering , mechanical workshops programming ) who are mainly the graduated of faculties of Civil Aviation Industry or the other valid education institutes abroad , the engineering and repairs deputy-office hold basic international diplomas in the fields of engine , body , electrics , electronics of airplanes and valid certificates of special type rating of all types of airplanes possessed : Twin Otter , F-50 , F-100 , so it is able to present round the clock services to flight operations of the Co. at repair center (Ahwaz ) and sales of this part of services to the other clients ( domestic aviation companies ) by establishment of three centers , the other repair stations under title : L.M.O. ( Local Maintenance Org. ) in sensitive and strategic regions of Assalouyeh , Khark , Kish island , and to support on full time basis the important the important operations of exploitation , production , export of oil and gas. 

The most important activities of Deputy-Office Engineering & Repairs :

- To coordinate with development program of air fleet by establishment of fleet of airplanes : type : jet and increase of 4 Fokker 100 airplanes.
- Complete education of Fokker 100 airplanes ( engine , body , unique )
- Complete periodical inspection of Twin Otter airplane.
- Round the clock operations of Twin Otter airplanes by complete placement in Khark island.
- Repair and maintenance of 4 airplanes : Fokker 50
- Repair and maintenance of 4 airplanes : Fokker 100
- Obtaining permits necessary for periodical inspections :4000-hours flight of F-50 as C1-Check which was made before at resources abroad or by the foreign specialists.
- Obtaining permit for periodical checks and inspections : 8000-hours of flight by F-50 as C2-Check which was made before at resources abroad or by the foreign specialists.
- Commissioning of fleet of F-50 airplanes , Kish Air , Arya , Taftan airlines.
- Performance of the first check and inspection : 4000-hours flight (C1-Check) one F-50 Arya Airline at repair center of Iran Airlines ( Ahwaz ).
- Performance of the first check and inspections : 8000-hours flight ( C2-Check ) two F-50 belonging to Co. at repair center of Ahwaz , Reg. Mark : EP-GAS.
- Obtaining the first citation from Civil Aviation Org. on occasion of efforts in repair , maintenance of airplane.
- Maintenance of PW125B engines of Fokker 50 under programs of repair and maintenance on-condition by use of Engine Condition Trend Monitoring ( E.C.T.M ).
- Performance of complete operations Hot Section Inspection ( hot parts of engine ) Twin Otter airplane inside the company.
- Establish and commissioning of support workshops and repair of airplane parts.
- Performance and execution of instructions issued by Civil Aviation Org.
- Performance and execution of technical services on airplanes of F-100 , F-50 , Twin Otter by use of specialized possibilities and capabilities available.
- Complete paining for the first time of F-50 inside the Co.
- Overhaul of a land power generator ( G.P.U. ).
- Overhaul repairs of a towing machine of Tow Truck.

Deputy of Commercial Affairs and Supplies : Deputy Office of district and supplies creating relation of Co. with clients and exploiters on one hand and aviation Co. , civil aviation Org. , state airports , on the other hand shall fulfill the responsibilities. While , this part provide for financial resources to support the other parts and make the coordination necessary.

The most important activities made by deputy-office of commerce and supplies :

- Marketing for establishment of flights under case , extraordinary , emergency , VIP schedules , …
- Conclusion of contract and its annual extension with the oil exploiters.
- Coordination and programming of charter flights requested by oil beneficiaries.
- Coordination and conclusion of contract with the authorized aviation companies for charter of flights form origin of Tehran and Shiraz.
- Coordination and cooperation and conclusion of contract with airport service companies at different airports for presentation of handling services to flights owned by co.
- Coordination and correspondence with civil aviation organization concerning permits necessary for establishment of owned flights.
- Continuous supervision on performance of flights and programming of flight replaced in case of delay , cancellation , and change of route.
- Updating flight program of Co. (owned , charter) and its notification to all authorities concerned.
- Updating statistics of Co. flight separating the day , type of flight ( case , extraordinary , VIP ) , type of airplane ( F-50 , F-100 , T.O. ) number of passengers transported and load carried.
- Coordination and placement of shift director at Co. in holidays , for performance of emergent works and coordination of flights.


- Conclusion of contract with agencies of passenger and tourism services , presentation of ticket sales services throughout the country.
- Presentation of sales services of passengers to tour and travel offices on CALL CENTER basis or through computer networks.
- Sales of load know as Cargo Company System
- Conclusion of contract of load sales with load carrying offices throughout the country. Small , big , average transactions and provision of credit and identification of valid resources.
- Free provision of ticket and presentation of services related to personnel of Co.'s forces.
- Conclusion of contract with oil companies and presentation of seat charter services in flight network of Co.
- Continuous control and supervision on contracts concluded for tickets sales.
- Obtaining insurance coverage of Co. fleet. 

The most important activities of Airport Services Management :

By conclusion of technical and specialized contracts with the exploiters and owners of airports of Ministry of Oil , this deputy-office supervises , leads , and presents consultation. Some of the most important duties of deputy-office of airport services and installations are as follows :
- Presentation of expertise views on organization of superstructure development plans for fight levels ( elongation , strengthening of flight band , taxi ways , ramps )
- Suggestion for optimization and updating the land systems for guidance of airplanes , according to minimum international standards.
- Introduction of the tools and materials needed for limitation of flight levels.
- Presentation of suggestions necessary in establishment and completion of technical and operational constructions.
- Presentation of suitable suggestions on equipment of watchtower of flight with means of communication.
- Coordination necessary with civil aviation Org. in order to comply in airport with the Latest standards and suggestions of international aviation Org. (ICAO) and civil aviation Org. (C.A.O.)
- Convening education courses in the different fields of airport , aviation , flight safety , flights security.

The Most Important Activities of Station Management :

- Supervision and superintendence on performance of duties fulfilled by heads of stations.
- Programming and coordination for presentation of services to passenger and displacement of load in all flights programmed or not and those emergent.
- Holding meetings with heads of stations to study activities performed according to policies applied.
- Programming and taking action necessary for determination of education requirements of personnel and determination of different education courses , based on existing needs , in compliance with predicted programs about passenger and load services.
- Collection of flight reports of all the stations in order to analyze the actions taken.
- Visiting the stations and control and supervision on their operation and insurance of performance of rules at related units.
- Programming for dispatch of representative at flights in order to control the flights situations concerning type of services , behavior of crew , ….
- Supervision and control on admission of passengers , loads , post .
- Attraction of miscellaneous passenger in the minutes before the flight ( filling the empty seats ).
- Provision and delivery of all flight accessories to stations under exploitation.

The Most Important Activities of Management of Supplies Affairs :

- Internal purchases of Co. ( purchase of all goods and administrative , technical , catering accessories , according to bylaws of transactions regarding interested of Co. after making inquiries.
- Foreign purchase ( purchase of all the technical items of airplanes F-50 , F-100 , T.O.
- Exportation of goods , import and discharge of goods purchased and repaired from state customs by presentation of valid guarantee to state customs through operating bank.
- Technical storage ( analysis , receipt , parts delivery , F-50 , F-100 , T.O. , technical charges by observation of all standards of civil aviation.
- Packing of foodstuff services ( catering ) and V.I.P. according to path and schedule of flight by observation of all the standards of food industry and regulations of Civil Aviation Org.
- Storage of catering accessories ( edible , hygienic articles packed , V.I.P. Dishes , formalities according to standards of civil aviation.
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